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Sulayr Duo

Sulayr Duo was born in 2020 as a desire for artistic collaboration between the emerging Granada musicians Carmen Callejas (soprano) and Juan Elvira Márquez (piano), after meeting during their studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg. With the German city as the main center for rehearsals and training, the duo already has a broad experience giving lied recitals, both nationally and internationally, in cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Casablanca, Paris, Granada or Cádiz a. o.


Its repertoire revolves around the music of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with special attention to Spanish authors. In addition, in 2021, the young ensemble is awarded the NEUSTART KULTUR scholarship, thereby promoting the development of the project and investing in its promising future.


Their projects include composers such as Ravel, Quilter, Falla or Clara Schumann, but the duo has also a wide experience performing new composition pieces from renowned composers such as Martín Donoso Vera.


For their upcoming projects, Sulayr Duo is working on a more traditional, Spanish program focusing on the profile of Federico García Lorca, as well as one around queer composers and their influence in lied genre.

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